Keep Your Antennas Up!

The tip this month is to keep your antennas up. Two days ago I was driving on the back gravel roads towards our cottage and I saw what alerted me to action. I am writing a “Handbook For Peace” and what do I see before me but two men dressed in a rust colored,(orange), robe. I lowered the passenger window and introduced myself, asking what faith they were. (I knew, but out of respect, I did not want to make assumptions) . We got to know each other very quickly and I was invited to their Monastery for a Saturday service starting in ten minutes. These were Buddhist Monks who were very open and kind and full of a sense of peace. After the bell sound outside with a swung round wood gong against a big beautiful brass bell, I entered a simple room where ten of us, in plain clothes, were facing a Monk seated at the front of the room. Some of us sat lotus style and some were sitting on chairs.

We had 40 minutes of meditation and then 40 minutes of a Homily on the Five Hindrances. During the meditation, I felt an urge to open my eyes and when I did and looked out the window, I saw two healthy looking young deer sauntering into view. Deer and rabbits are the two animals I resonate a great deal with. Think on this. What animals do you resonate a great deal with? Are you open to what may come your way unexpectedly during the day? Give yourself the gift of time in the manner of reflection. Think on what direction you can move in that takes you out of your comfort zone in the purpose of gaining personal growth.

In early October I wil have your next tip. Love,

Tilly. xoxo