Keep an Open Mind & Be Ready To Try New Things!

Even though these tips are meant for a worldwide audience, my tip today is in praise of what happened in this country. Canada is my country, and yesterday we held a democratic election. Rob, my husband, and I watched, as “the red wave”swept the nation. The red maple leaf represents the Liberal Party. In the U.S. this party would be called “The Democrats”. The freedom of choice, for every person who is allowed to vote, is what we do not take for granted. Yes, our country has a cold winter, but as a people, we are known to have warm hearts. We foster tolerance. We nurture respect for each other. We practice kindness. And I thank God that as a society, we do not carry guns. We have statistics that bear witness to what I have just written here. It takes me back to saying that as a nation, we follow the Ten Commandments. These Laws will never be out of style.

Just yesterday something new came across my view. Keep an open mind, and be prepared to take the time for something new. Bosnia has real pyramids that were created over 13,000 years ago. You Tube has a scientist explaining for over two hours why so many volunteers, from over 62 countries, are going to Bosnia in the last ten years to take a closer look at the pyramids of Bosnia. Oh, it is so exciting and there is a reality to the spirituality that we feel and that I am drawn to. Enjoy, dear readers! xoxo Tilly.